Our network

SPG Intercity was created in 2000, born from the union of two major players on the Swiss property market

SPG, Société Privée de Gérance, founded in Geneva in 1960, the market leader in French-speaking Switzerland  with over 200 employees.
Intercity, founded in Lucerne in 1954 and the leading agency in German-speaking Switzerland, with over 160 employees and seven offices covering the entire German-speaking part of the country.

SPG Intercity in Switzerland

SPG Intercity has four offices: in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and Basel, each offering the full range of professional skills and services we offer. This geographical distribution allows us to cover the country’s principal employment and business centres, concentrated in the Central Plateau and urban areas.
Whatever the particular needs of our clients, one of our branches will always be within accessible range.
Our origins and our Swiss roots, together with our field experience, ensure that our clients have at their disposal a thorough knowledge of the market, as well as of local environment specifics.
Since June 2010, SPG Intercity Geneva occupies spacious premises at the heart of the Eaux-Vives district. Our new building reflects our commitment to putting people at the centre of the business relationship. Everything has been designed to foster a productive work environment and to facilitate smooth collaboration between our teams and our clients.

An international presence thanks to Cushman & Wakefield’s network

Outside of Switzerland, SPG Intercity can offer you an international network, thanks to Cushman & Wakefield, our "Alliance Partner" since 1996.
Based in London and New York, with a workforce of 16,000 employees in 250 offices in 57 countries, Cushman & Wakefield are world leaders in the corporate real estate business and are a prestigious reference in the sector.
Working with SPG Intercity, you benefit from the support of Switzerland’s leading corporate real estate partner and can enjoy access to a network of one of the world’s premier service provider.