Commercialization of project « Horizon », 7‘600 sqm office space in the heart of Lausanne

The starting point

In 2011 the owner of the building, Mobimo Management, completely renovated the old post office, covering 7‘600 sqm on 7 floors just next to the train station in Lausanne. Initially Mobimo had let the entire space to a bank, which in its turn was acquired by another company and as a consequence did not wish to occupy the space anymore. As a result of these events, we contacted Mobimo who appointed us to commercialize the space and find suitable tenants.

The solution

Our mission was to approach suitable candidates and promote the building. We applied a targeted marketing strategy and thanks to our network through Cushman & Wakefield we have access to a vast network of potential tenants.

In close collaboration with the owner and the facility management, we multiplied the visits of the premises, the implementation studies and accompanied the potential tenants until their final decision. Our process enabled us to approach Nespresso, who at the time was searching for a space of approximately 6’000 sqm.

The result

Today, the entire building is let. In July 2014, the lease with Nespresso was signed. Our intervention on this commercialization lasted one year