Commercialization of the Nations Business Centre, 12‘000 sqm of offices in the centre of the Nations district in Geneva

The starting point

The owner of Swissville Commerce completely renovated the main building of 12‘000 sq. m. over 11 floors in 2013, once the OMPI (Organisation Mondiale pour la Protection Individuelle) had freed up the surfaces. Swissville Commerce mandated us to put in place an improvement strategy for their premises and to find new tenants. The pre-commercialization starts from the beginning of the construction.

The solution

Our mission starts by putting in place some marketing tools. We applied a targeted marketing strategy and thanks to our network through Cushman & Wakefield we have access to a vast network of potential tenants. In close collaboration with the owner and the facility management, we multiplied the visits of the premises, the implementation studies and accompanied the potential tenants until their final decision.

The result

Today, over 60% of the building is rented. In January 2013, a first lease agreement is signed sfor the last two floors of the building for 1’720 sqm, with the law firm Sidley.

End of 2014, we signed a lease agreement for 4 floors with Deloitte, for a surface of 3‘440 sqm

We then signed another lease agreement with Salamanca Group (fiduciary) for the 1st floor, for a surface of 710 sqm Our last lease agreement concerns the INCYTE company, active in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States.

In March 2015, we did a call for tenders for the management of the restaurant, which should be established in the building from September, and we are promoting the establishment of a nursery and a fitness centre in the annexes of the building