Assisting Expedia Lodging Partner Services Sàrl in their search for new offices in Geneva and managing of their fit-out works

The starting point

Expedia Lodging Partner Services Sàrl, one of the companies of the Expedia Group, whose goal is to enter into contracts with hotels and other travel suppliers, urgently needed larger surfaces in the centre of Geneva, and could not wait until the end of their lease agreement. Via the Cushman & Wakefield network, SPG Intercity’s role has been to assist Expedia Lodging Partner Services Sàrl in finding new offices more adapted to their needs, negotiate a lease agreement, and to manage fit-out works.

La solution

Find new surfaces: the combination of different searching criterias and the in depth analysis of the current market allowed us to deliver our "long list" of available goods corresponding to Expedia’s search.

SPG Intercity Geneva SA accompanied Expedia by selecting methodically, and providing financial analysis and advice on the different propositions. The solution appeared to be the building located "rue du XXXI Décembre", for a total surface of 1’773 sqm. SPG Intercity has represented and assisted Expedia until the conclusion of the lease agreement in order to get the best terms for the company.

The chosen building has been completely renovated and is now available. The Project Management Team lead the fit-out works management and coordinating mission. Les surfaces semi-aménagées allowed Expedia to fit out the space according to their needs. SPG Intercity thus allowed a total optimization of the area by rationalising the rate of sqm/ worker

The result

Today, Expedia occupies a floor space of 1’773 sqm with a terrace, in a new, representative, and functional building. They benefit from an excellent location and natural light, in spaces adapted to their needs, with a mix of open spaces, closed offices, and some surface for hot-desking