Rental of the surfaces in the BIBCIII

The starting point

In 2007, RI Realim entrusted us with the commercialisation of the surfaces if 35‘000 sqm within the BIBC III. The building was supposed to be delivered in 2008. Thanks to its knowledge of the real estate market and its network, SPG Intercity was able to start to rent out the surfaces in the building during its construction, with 3‘000 sqm rented out to l’Oreal. Shortly after, HSBC Private Banking contacted us to help them consolidate their back office. They were looking for a surface big enough to contain all their offices in Geneva. They wanted to regroup and reduce their costs.

The solution

BIBCIII fitted HSBC’s criteria and enabled them to dispose of large floor plates of 1‘500 sqm and make the most of the space. This is how they came to take a whole wing of the building. The floor plates of 1’500 sqm with an open plan layout helped them densify the space as best they could. Access to the motorway and public transport were very important to HSBC. Moreover, the building benefits from numerous services such as: reception, cleaning services, restaurants and fitness. With the cost of surfaces near the airport lower than in the city centre, HSBC Private Banking found the right fit.

The result

HSBC signe dits lease contract early 2009 and moved in in 2010. For a total of 18‘000 sqm.