Market study, analysis and valuation

Our approach to real estate consulting involves precise knowledge of each client’s business and requirements in order to offer the most personalised services and solutions. We help you with your real estate strategy by offering solutions adapted to your requirements that can be implemented from a "market" and regulatory point of view.

Our consulting department offers:

Activity analysis

Activity Measurement Studies (AMS) recognise the importance of understanding activity within the company. This approach, developed and deployed by our alliance partner, Cushman & Wakefield, has won a Global CoreNet prize for innovation.

"Data collectors" collect information on what is "happening" in each work setting (desks, meeting rooms, kitchen areas, cafés, break-out areas, etc.) and which team is involved. These observations of the type of activities people are using the space for (e.g. solo work, meetings, informal communication, phone calls, conferencing, etc.) are broken down to a team level.

The insight this provides to the organisation is often a catalyst to enhance Business Performance – cross selling opportunities, collaboration, etc. as well as optimising the workplace to the activity profile.