Creative commercial Real Estate

Within a dynamic and complex market, real estate players need a competent, reliable and innovative partner, who can offer proactive solutions and give advice along all the diverse stages of a real estate project.
SPG Intercity is the Swiss leader in corporate real estate, with offices in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and Basel, available to assist you whether you are an investor, tenant, owner or developer. Our experience of over 15 years and wide-reaching network is at your disposal allowing you to take advantage of genuine opportunities in the market, leading us to successfully undertake close to 300 projects a year.

Objectivity, ethics and transparency
SPG Intercity’s activities respect all parties’ interests and comply with the real estate industry’s code of ethics and strict rules of management and business practices. Our strengths lie in the quality of our team, consisting of experts renowned in their field.
The specialists in our various departments are on hand to share with you their knowledge, skills and experience to find the most suitable and efficient solutions for your projects. Whether you are an investor, property owner, developer or tenant, you have your own distinct aim and vision. Therefore we carefully analyse your expectations and offer personalised guidance and advice during the different stages of your project.