Concept of use, commercialisation strategy, and first lettings on the PONT-ROUGE project

The starting point

SPG Intercity, exclusively commissioned by CFF Immobilier, to commercialise the PONT-ROUGE project. The 120‘000 sqm to be built, with a first phase of 30’000 sqm of 50% that need to be pre-rented in order to start the construction project.

The solution

2011 – SPG Intercity’s first mission was, after having carried out a market research to adapt the project according to the tenants’ needs (analysis of the flow between the CEVA station and the esplanade of the future project). Moreover, we had to optimize the floor plans to make them rational and flexible, and to allow an optimal duration of service life. Therefore, SPG Intercity had to figure out the different possible space utilizations, for varied activities; and in this way, make of this future site a living place during the office hours, as well as at any other times. 2012 – CFF Immobilier got the authorization from the Plan Localisé de Quartier (PLQ), which allowed to turn this industrial zone into a service zone. The launch of the architects’ contest was then announced. 16 projects were presented. SPG Intercity, thanks to their experience in this field, analysed and advised CFF Immobilier with their choice of the winning project. The building license was then submitted in May 2013. 2013 – A contest for the communication agencies was launched. The Saentys agency won the assignment; and the PONT-ROUGE project, previously known as "SOVALP", finally found its name. A logo, a brochure, and a website were quickly created, which made the project concrete. Thanks to the marketing tools that were put in place, SPG Intercity started the commercialisation of the first phase of buildings, B1 East and B1 West, which achieved great success.

The result

Thanks to the marketing actions, SPG Intercity‘s team dedicated to the project multiplied the contacts and appointments in this race against time to commercialise 15’000 sq. m. before the end of 2014. Among many prospects, Crédit Agricole Financement chose PONT-ROUGE to relocate their future headquarters and sign the first lease on this project. The excellent connectivity, the living place, and the exceptional work environment are the qualities which very soon convinced the general management to establish their office there from the end of 2018.